You Can Combat Sexual & Gender Based Violence

Your donation brings greater protection to women & girls.

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We are fundraising to help reduce violence against women and girls by addressing the root causes of violence.

In the Pacific Islands, facing sexual assault or domestic violence is a daily fear, with 2/3 of women & girls facing violence in their lifetimes.

Every day, women and girls seeking justice are turned away from the very systems that are supposed to help them.

Your donation helps:

  • Improve laws to meet basic international human rights standards
  • Trains doctors and nurses how better to treat survivors, document evidence, and testify at trial
  • Trains judges and lawyers to better enforce laws, without discrimination
  • Creates legal technology tools to promote data-driven judicial reform
  • Trains local orgs to conduct sexual harassment training programs for businesses and governments
  • Raises awareness to reduce the stigma associated with sexual and gender-based violence

By opening the avenues to justice, we help eliminate the cycle of violence against women and girls in these communities.

Thank you for your generosity!

300+ senior legal officials, magistrates, and civil society advocates trained.

Our data helped change laws in Solomon Islands to enhance penalties in sexual offense cases.

Groundbreaking report published on gender-bias in the judiciary.

Training for medical professionals developed to better evidence collection and ability to testify.

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